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Committee Elections

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Members of the committee are the backbone of the whole Archaeological Society, sacrificing a bit of their free time to organise all the talks and social events that take place over the year. So the time has come to pass the baton to a new bunch of students who would be interested in taking on their responsibilities. Hustings for positions will take place on Friday the 4th of June at 5 pm through Zoom, and there is a wide spectrum of roles one can run for. Here are their brief descriptions:


President is considered as both manager and face of society. Essentially it means that they organise speaker series of the term, communicate with speakers, coordinate work of the committee, present academic events after the talks and represent society in general.


Secretary works as the right hand of the president and helps them with a majority of administrative tasks. This includes a keeping of minutes from each meeting, annual registration of the society, monitoring the society´s e-mail address and responsibilities related to administration of the society's website.

Social media officer

As a social media officer, you are in charge of promoting society on our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now our new LinkedIn account. The main demands are making sure that events are advertised in plenty of time, communicating with the public, and liaising with the graphics designer of the society.


This role entails designing all the materials OAS needs to promote itself and get the message out there! It includes putting together the term card with information about the events, designing t-shirts and other merchandise. The designer is also responsible for running t-shirt sales, sending them to be produced, checking if anyone has bought one, packaging and delivering.

Social events officer(s)

A synonym for the role would probably be an event organiser. In reality, it means thinking of social events for us (as a committee) and making sure we have a space ready with everything necessary for any and all events, including talks (equipment for a presentation, chairs, snacks). We aim to have two social secretaries, which means you will have a lot of support in your position. The highlights include thinking of cocktail names for our drinks and hosting our infamous pub quiz.

Treasurer (description of current treasurer in its original form)

Do you like seeing accounts in order? Do you enjoy helping build successful and sustainable events? Are you passionate about Archaeology, Classics, History, and/or anything old and cool? Do you love money? If any of the above apply to you, then ArchSoc Treasurer may be the role for you.

As a Treasurer, you’ll have to oversee memberships, set a budget for your termly events, and make sure your committee keeps to it. Apart from the broad money management, you also get to be part of a great committee and help out with ideas/events while ensuring our fabulous century-old society stays afloat! Not only do you get great experience with accounts and finance things, but you’ll also be able to masterfully interact with banks (trust me, that’s always useful!!). Treasurer roles also look good on a CV, and it’s always fun working in and giving input to something you enjoy; what are you waiting for!?

Don’t hesitate to send me (Maxime Bourdier) a message on messenger or an email ( if you have any enquiries.


The description of this role is very prosaic, and as the name indicates, it is about writing short blog posts such as this one. However, there is a space for a lot of creativity in these posts as they can cover any archaeology related topics from short reports after an interesting talk to interviews with students and professors working on certain fieldwork or some exciting papers found in our archive.

It is worth mentioning that these positions are opened to anyone interested in archaeology in some way. Therefore we also welcome students from archaeology unrelated subjects. Moreover, current committee members are willing to provide advice and guidance to anyone unfamiliar with ArchSoc but interested in a certain role. So we are looking forward to all your applications!

You can apply here:

-Jakub Senesi

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